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        Collaboration is how we started, how we became CFHI and is how we will continue to evolve to meet the most pressing needs of the healthcare system in Canada.
        We are a core group of dedicated staff, coaches, faculty and partners spread across the country, on a mission to collaborate with you to improve healthcare.
        We believe in our collective power for change.
        During the COVID-19 outbreak, innovation and improvement are more important than ever, and CFHI is adapting to continue to deliver value in this changing environment.
        The webinars bring a patient partnership lens to specific and emerging issues, policies and practices that are rapidly developing and being implemented in response to COVID-19.
        Patient Partnership in a Time of COVID-19
        Webinar Series
        Jennifer Zelmer: Working Shoulder-to-Shoulder in an Age of Physical Distancing
        Julie Drury: Family Caregivers as Essential Partners in Care: More Than Just A Visitor
        Kelly Brownbill: The New Reality of Culturally Safe Practices in Healthcare During COVID-19
        Welcome EXTRA Cohort 16 Teams
        Executive Training
        Spotlight Series
        A responsive series that raises the voice of Canada’s healthcare improvers and innovators to shed light on ways to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare
        We are pursuing an amalgamation that would create a single quality and safety organization with an expanded capacity to improve healthcare for everyone in Canada.
        CFHI and CPSI
        Pursue Amalgamation
        Community Dementia Care and Support
        Webinar Series
        Innovations supporting people living with dementia and care partners closer to home
        These are tough, challenging times. Glimmers of hope and inspiration come from health systems in Canada and around the world responding to the challenge in creative and innovative ways that serve their communities’ needs.
        -Jennifer Zelmer,
        President and CEO, CFHI
        Thank you from the extended CFHI team

        To those who are focused on ensuring everyone’s health and well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak, from all of us at CFHI, we want to say thank you.

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